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On tour with Bruce Vantine’s Cornerstone Chorale and Brass through Nov 12th, 2018!

View Full tour schedule here: https://cornerstonechorale.org/

The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass is a top-notch ensemble with a high level
of musicianship. Vantine’s 22 singers are superb, worthy of any studio.
The choir demonstrates a fine blend of vocal quality with dead-center pitch
and rhythmic precision most vocal ensembles would kill for. The brass
quintet is crisp, carefully balanced both within itself and with the chorus.


Too Many Visitors For One Little House- By Susan Chodakiewitz

Watch me spring to life as one of the narrators in this book to sing the story of Too

Many Visitors For One Little House! Available now on Amazon.

Croc N’ Roll- And Kira!

It’s not every day that a Crocodile shows up at your door step!


Learning to Learn : The Rumpelstilskin Method

Catch me singing a variety of characters on this educational musical for grades 1-5!

Available now at www.BadWolfPress.com